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The two basic needs of summers and winters are air conditioners and heaters respectively. We all know that air conditioners are meant to lower the temperature in summers and heaters are used to risen the temperature to make the room warm. However, the point of our discussion is about gas log fires in Tasmania. Hence, only the topic of heaters will be discussed here. As warm clothes, swelters, blankets are essentials to pass the winters comfortably so does the heaters. Heaters are one of the basic requirements for us to pass the extreme winters. 


Heater can be described as a device or an equipment to warm up the room temperature. With the various technologies being invented every now and then, latest models of heaters are also introduced in the market. Basically, there are two categories of heaters which are gas heaters and electric heaters. 

Electric heaters: 

Electric heater can be defined as a device which transfers the electricity into heat form. Electric rods in the heater works as a resistor which gives heat when electricity is passed through the rods. Electric heaters are further divided into various types. These may include panel heaters, oil and column heaters, fan heaters, infrared heaters, radiant heaters, etc. These heaters are named according to their functions or qualities. 

Gas heaters: 

Gas heaters can be defined as heaters in which gas combustion is used to evaluate heat. This gas can be a natural gas, petroleum gas or butane. There are two types of gas heater, these are flued gas heaters and unflued gas heaters. Flued gas heaters are those which releases the air pollutants or water vapors outside the home through chimney whereas unflued gas heaters releases these air pollutants within the room. One of the most exquisite type of gas heaters are gas log fires. 

Gas log fire: 

The oldest form of room warming source which was used in ancient times was by firing the logs. People used to collect woods and light them with match stick or by rubbing the stones against each other. Later on with the passage of time gas heaters were invented then electric heaters came in the market. Now, people have recreated the old designs with the latest technology embedded in it, gas log fires are the outcome of such experiments. Gas log fire provides heat same as any other gas heater but they are made in such a way that it looks like logs are burning and omitting fire. These are quite efficient heaters which provides heat up to thousand square feet. 

Types of gas log fire: 

Gas log fires are further divided into various forms according to their functions and qualities. One of the type is known as gas fire place, these are the ones which are inserted into existing openings. Then there are freestanding gas log fires, these are the ones which stand away from the wall and gives heat. Other then that, there are inbuilt gas fire logs which are inserted within the walls. There are many such gas log fires each one having it’s own specialties.  

Archer gas log fire: 

World’s most efficient space heaters can be found in archer gas log fire. They provide wide range of it heaters varying from space heaters to gas log fire and other such fireplaces in most reasonable prices ever. Archer gas log fire place is the Australia’s most reliable store which not only provides the most exquisite and efficient forms of gas log fire and space heaters but they are quite affordable in prices as well.  


Heaters are one of the most basic needs of human beings during winters. In some places, due to extremely cold weather conditions, people find it nearly impossible to live without heaters. These heaters can be electric heaters or gas heaters. Electric heaters works with the help of electricity where as gas heaters works by gas. These sources converts their respective forms of energies into heat and warms up the space. One of the most exquisite and efficient form of gas heaters are gas log fire. Gas log fire are the type of gas heaters which gives the impression of burning log but they work on the principal of gas heater which produces heat by natural or petroleum gas. Most efficient heaters can be bought from Archer gas log fire store.