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Make your old age your golden years!

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When we think of the Golden period of our time and what we would like it to be, we usually think of our twenties. This is when we imagine ourselves to be at our peak. We are young, fresh and ready to make an impact. The energy that we have in our twenties and youth is something that just cannot be rivaled. We are full of ideas and passions and ready to step into the job market and anywhere else that we want and make a name of our own. This is the time when we set out to chase our dreams and put our degrees and education to good use. It is also when we step into the adult life and can finally set out to explore the world on our own. It can really be one of the most exhilarating times of our life. Everything can seem very new and special and it really can seem like the world is our oyster and we can set out to achieve everything we have ever wanted. So, it really isn’t surprising to think back on any whacky decisions that we may have made in our twenties because it really is the time for self discovery and fun experiences.  

However, the twenties of our life aren’t all sunshine and butterflies. For many of us, while our twenties may be exciting, they can also be very uncertain and scary. Everything can be new for us and stepping into the adult life, we do not even have the safety net anymore. It can be jarring to think that any decision that we make could have far reaching consequences, and we will have no way of saving ourselves if we do fall. In addition to this, stepping into the job market can be a whole new anxiety inducing experience. We may be all ready to make a big splash, but that is something which is much easier said than done. The job market can be extremely saturated with potential candidates already, and it can be very hard to make a splash. On top of all of that, we have to now look for accommodation on our own, pay bills, and handle all sorts of expenditures that we didn’t have to earlier on. All in all, twenties can also be a time where we really find ourselves struggling to stay afloat. 

Compared to the uncertainty of our twenties, what can really be a golden era in our lives can be for us are our late years. These are the years when we have really accomplished all that we had to and we are safe and secure in the life that we have created for ourselves. Now all that we worked hard on in our twenties and thirties really comes to fruition and we can reap the rewards of every ounce of hard work that we have spent years putting it. This time can be especially rewarding when we see our children reap the rewards of the hard work that we have put in as well, and it can feel like life has really come full circle. However, when the kids move out and we start moving even further along our life, it can get a little lonely. We have all the comforts that we spent our life getting, but it can seem like we neither have the energy to really  enjoy it and nor do we have many people to share it with. It is then that we can consider retirement living in North Brisbane. 

Retirement living isn’t as archaic and horrific as everyone imagines it to be. Gone are the days of institutionalised old people’s homes, where old people were left to wait out the rest of their days in a place that looked like it was straight out of some horror movie. Nowadays, retirement living can mean that we can make the latter half of our life the Golden years. It is here that we can really relax and unwind, as we move to a place that looks like it is straight out of some holiday resort. In addition to this, separate homes mean that we maintain our independence the whole time! 
Retirement living can let us make new friends and do all the fun activities that we have always wanted to do. It can restore vigor to our lives once more. With The Village, we can make sure that we spend the rest of our lives with as much excitement as we did our twenties, without any of the uncertainty!