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Effective Tips For 50th Birthday Party


Birthday party celebrations are not for kids only rather they are equally enjoyable and cherishing for adults, especially those who have been celebrating their milestone birthdays. This trend has hit Australia by storm now they want to have fun on reaching a milestone in terms of age and birthdays just the way it was celebrated when they were way too young. This very phenomenon has taken over the event management companies as well who have been incorporating this very feature in the portfolio of their services. Come to think of it, it is both fun and entertaining to organize an event for an adult for his or her 50th birthday bash after having considered its likes and dislikes, favourite guests, preferred things to do and party themes, to name a few. All these could substantially vary from what a child would like to that of an adult. However, the invite part stays constant; it is the preferred means to invite someone over for the party, be it for a kid or an adult. Therefore, it is imperative to make it as impressive as possible, there are many different companies who have offering design services to serve the purpose at hand. Many have taken their whole platform online as well to expedite the process. Pepixel is one such creative platform that allows you to design customized invitation cards based on different themes and wording to satisfy the needs of a client. Moreover, once done you can print the cards, or send it to your expected guest list from the same platform. Is not it amazing? A good invite can vouch for a great party just by the appearance of it. So once you are done with it, the next phase becomes relatively easier to make the most of someone’s 50th milestone birthday.  

There are a few things that one must bear in mind when it comes to preparing for one’s 50th birthday, such as: 

Guest List 

Goes without saying that when you are 50 then it is the guest list which determines the theme of the party as well as for the 50th birthday party invitations so if you are planning a surprise then involve the spouse of the birthday person in the planning process. If the birthday is not surprised then, you can ask the concerned person to help you with devising the guest list for the event. Moreover, you must set up a budget for the birthday party along with the intention to co-host it with a family member of the birthday person or a very close friend.  

Party Theme 

You need to pick a theme of the party based upon the preference of the guest of honor. As in, if he or she would like to have a casual party, or formal or a fun one then plan accordingly. The idea of a casual party is to set up a game night, or party at the poolside, bar be cue with friends while the formal party would mean having dinner at an upscale restaurant or could be a cocktail party with bite-sized mini buffet.  


Decor preference would be determined by the party theme, budget, and guests of the event. You will have to follow the design and decor of the theme right from the very beginning starting from the 50th birthday invitation card design then match everything of the party games, interactions, food servings, and others with the theme. The good thing about the decor for 50th birthday is that you do not have to be very finicky about the whole thing rather a few relevant add ons could be enough to make the guest of honor laugh and have a good time.  

Food & Drink 

Just like the decor, you must add a touch of personalization to the food and drinks of the 50th birthday party. You can customize the whole look of the cocktail bar by attaching labels to the drinks, moreover, you can have a signature drink just for the guest of honor that he or she has never tried before but it contains its favourite alcohol to add a bit of relevance. As far as food is concerned, the general cue is to follow the theme and then come up with the food options.  


You have to follow certain invitation etiquettes while inviting the guest over. Firstly, you need to have a well designed 50th birthday party invitations. Then invite them at least 6 weeks prior considering that people have busy schedules. Therefore, ask them to RSVP the event at least 2 weeks prior, it is also important to mention the no gift policy or themes on the card so everyone could be made aware of it.