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Finding the right Skid Steer Loader for the task

If you’ve come across the need for a heavy machinery on your construction site or for any other purpose, you’ve come to the right place. This article will be guiding you all about skid steer loaders so when you show up at a track skid steer sale, you’d know exactly what to look for. Following sections will guide you all about skid loaders and what specifications you need to keep in mind when looking for a track skid steer for sale

What can a skid steer loader do for you? 

If you’re wondering what special features you need to look for in order to purchase the machinery that can do your desired task, then you’d be relieved to know that there are no special considerations in this matter. This is because, skid steer loaders are designed to carry out a number of different tasks so whether you need it to clear a road or transport cement, it can do it for you. You are going to need to install a few attachments for your desired purpose. Don’t worry, we’ll come to that too.  

So, generally, the operation of a skid steer loader can be divided in three categories.  

  • Landscaping 
    Skid steer loaders can be used in a variety of landscaping tasks such as, clearing a road of snow, planting trees, moving pallets and functions.  
  • Hauling 
    You can install forks, grapple buckets and some other attachments to make your Skid steer capable of transporting debris and other material in factories or other work places.  
  • Construction sites 
    Construction sites heavily rely on Skid steer loaders. This is because, skid steer loaders are capable of mixing, transporting and pumping the concrete mixture, saving substantial time and energy. 

Despite  its compact functionality, you need to be clear about the function you wish to use the skid steer loader for. This will help you buy the right accessories and attachments for the job.  

Important Specifications 

When you’re looking for a track skid steer for sale, there are 2 things that you must be aware of: 

  • Dump Height 
  • Lifting Capacity 

 Knowledge about these two specifications is absolutely necessary, in order to buy the right fit for the task.  

Dump Height 

This is the height till which your machine is capable to loading the material. It refers to the maximum height that the arms can lift when loading. This specification is especially important for those who wish to use bucket to load debris or other material at a considerable height.  

Remember, the height of the place where you wish to load the material is not the dump height, because you are going to need to lift the loading bucket slightly higher (2-3ft) than the platform.  

Lifting Capacity 

Lifting capacity refers to the total weight that your machine is capable of loading. It’s significance needs no explanation. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is, the size of the engine alone does not determine the lifting capacity. Do not use the horsepower of the engine as a parameter to determine the lifting capacity.  

Another Important Feature  

Although a skid steer loader is a multifunctional machine, there is still a dire need to be clear about the purpose of its operation. Before you go look for a track skid steer for sale, make sure you know whether you want it for radial operation or vertical operation. Don’t know what that means? We’ll guide you.  

Radial operation is when the arms of your machinery do not need to reach their maximum height in order to perform the desired task. This can be clearing the road, digging underground or transporting material at the same height.  

Vertical operation, on the other hand, requires the arms of the skid steer loader to be at their maximum height and in these tasks, the arms move straight up and down. This can be using the machinery for loading/unloading debris or other material from a specific height.  

So, before you head out to find the skid steer loader, make sure you’re clear about its purpose on the site.  

Final Note 

The aforementioned are the core elements of finding the right skid steer loader for the task. It is advisable that you discuss your requirements with a professional, before purchasing this machine.